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EVA Cool Insulin Carrying Cases

- Jan 09, 2018 -
EVA Cool Insulin Carrying Cases

EVA Cool Insulin Carrying Cases of the advent of a thorough solution to many patients, especially diabetics travel to carry insulin inconvenient problems.With the following advantages, waterproof, pressure-resistant, light, beautiful looking.

1. Portable: For the outgoing category of people with the length of travel will be carried out to varying degrees of baggage, EVA Cool Insulin Carrying Cases design concept is fully considered the small space saving this link, the interior is the maximum use of space. Not only to save the space and large enough capacity, so that the thermostat small drugs in the absence of adequate use.

2. Temperature fluctuation Small: for EVA Cool Insulin Carrying Cases of its relatively small for temperature constant played a crucial role.

3.EVA Cool Insulin Carrying Cases is also directly to solve the problem of the use of aircraft-type people to save drugs, because the refrigerator has no liquid on the back of the passengers will not have any restrictions on the aircraft, but also allows the drug can be kept close to the user enough to guarantee the heart.

EVA Cool Insulin Carrying Cases not only can save insulin, but also other drugs have these functions. Therefore, the need to often go out of the diabetic people may wish to choose octal save insulin Oh.

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