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Fishing Cool Bag

- Jun 01, 2018 -

The fishing cool bag is originally from the japanese jiji fishing, the original function is relatively simple in order to keep the ice warm, because the fish out of the water will soon die, easy to deteriorate! Now is the main function of the cold, can be a bench to sit, put the fishing gear, put the fish such as convenient fishing a platform, with battery umbrella stand, etc., battery can be directly fixed place don't have to look on the fishing rod. The umbrella holder can hold the umbrella on the edge of the fishing box, so there is no need to hold it by hand. The fishing box varies in size, ranging from a few liters to several liters, to several dozens of liters, mostly 20-30 liters. Fishing cool bag is an exotic, has evolved into a multi-functional operations platform, with about 30 l volume, can be put to some random things, such as sub box, box, bait, small scissors, etc.

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