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Fishing Insulated Bag

- Jun 01, 2018 -

The fishing insulated bag is divided into hard fishing insulated bag and soft refrigerator. The outer layer of hard fishing insulated bag is reinforced hard plastic, anti-corrosion and anti-collision, not easy to break, strong and waterproof. In the middle is the cooling layer, which has very strong cooling protection force. Hard fishing insulated bag is widely used in marine and freshwater fishing. In fishing, it is often used to store catch, add ice to keep it fresh and cold. In the fresh water in addition to the store to catch, it has replaced the fishing stool, the height of the fishing insulated bag design is very suitable for people of sitting position, and you can configure the bait box frame, bait box, rod rack accessories, put the fish guard fittings, umbrella stand, etc. All the fishing can be done easily and quickly with the angler sitting on the fishing insulated bag. The outer layer of the soft refrigerator is specially processed cloth or leather goods, waterproof and wear-resistant, the inner layer is hard plastic, and its lid is mostly chain. Compared with the hard fishing insulated bag, it is light and easy to carry. Used for storing catch in fishing.

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