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How to inject insulin?

- Jan 04, 2018 -

At present, nearly 180 million people in the world are struggling with diabetes, and many patients need long-term regular insulin treatment. They are all faced with the same confusion, namely, how to choose suitable infusion ways.

Since the advent of insulin, the injection device has been innovating. Injection of syringes, insulin high pressure syringe, insulin injection pen, and insulin pump are the "four Trilogy" in the development history of insulin injection device.

Syringe:  Economy

There are two kinds of insulin syringe, one is 1 ml volume of ordinary syringe. The mark marked on this syringe is "ml" (ML). The patient should be converted to unit according to the content of Neutrul Insulin Injection. The advantage is it’s economical and reusable.

Another kind of syringe is a special "BD" needle, directly marked with a unit of insulin injection. The high pressure syringe has been eliminated because it is too heavy.

Insulin pen: no pain

The insulin pen is a combination of insulin and an injection device. Insulin is stored in the refill. After the insulin is used up, the refill is replaced. The pen is an adjustable dose injecting instrument, specially designed disposable needles are super fine and super short, so the pain caused by injection is very slight. When a patient uses, he only needs to adjust the dose button to the required dose unit, then stab the needle into the subcutaneous tissue, and then press the dose button to complete the injection.

The insulin pen has the following advantages: is convenient and avoids the tedious process of extracting insulin and could be carried conveniently, like put in a insulin cool bag even if users are outside for travel ; 2. the injection process is more simple and concealment; 3. it brings convenience for the poor eyesight and even the blind friends; 4. the dose is more precise, the smallest infusion volume is 1 units; 5. Almost painless. The shortcoming of the insulin pen is the need for a special insulin pen, which is more expensive than bottled insulin.

Insulin pump: precision

The insulin pump is a device, in shape and size same with BP phone, infusing insulin to the body through a hose connected with the human body. It is commonly known as "artificial pancreas". The insulin pump is made up with pump, liquid storage device and infusion tube. The liquid reservoir can hold up to 3 milliliters of insulin. After loading it into a pump, the guiding needle of the connected infusion tube is injected into the subcutaneous of the patient with the needle injector (routine abdominal wall), and then the insulin motor is pumped into the body by the spiral motor of the insulin pump driven by the battery.

The advantages of insulin pump include: 1. compared with multiple injection, It could control blood glucose better, and the incidence of hypoglycemia is less; 2. degree of freedom of life; 3. insulin infusion precision can reach 0.05 units, especially suitable for children and lean adult diabetic patients who are sensitive small dose of insulin; 4. easy operation, just press a few buttons whenever and whereever, insulin is automatically entered in  5.only need to replace every infusion tube very 4 - 7 days and the skin damage is small. 

Insulin pump is suitable for the following groups: Patients with type 1. Type one diabetes patients, especially those who are "difficult to control", "easy" and "brittle"; 2. patients with diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar syndrome after corrective comprehensive emergency; 3. with complications and the injection of insulin is ineffective; 4. quick relief of severe hyperglycemia; 5. emergency state, including pregnancy, severe infection, surgery before and after operation; 6. irregular life, and insulin treatment to control blood glucose is very difficult.

Using insulin pump should have the following conditions: self monitoring of blood sugar, good self-care ability and initiative of blood sugar control, cultural knowledge and understanding ability, and economic capacity.

Patients can choose the most suitable way to control blood sugar and improve the quality of life according to their own conditions and the characteristics of different infusion methods.

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