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how to keep insulin cool when travelling?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

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Travel is not like staying at home, long transportation, temperature differences between day and night, climate change and so on are all factors. Drugs have a high demand for storage. If they are affected by these factors, it may lead to changes in efficacy and even risk. It is particularly noteworthy that insulin is a biological agent, and the requirement for the environment is a little higher than that of other drugs. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the preservation of insulin when we travel.

How do you carry insulin correctly during a trip?

1. insulin is relatively stable at a normal low temperature. The unopened insulin can be preserved for two to two and a half years at 2~8 degrees centigrade. Because the effect of insulin will fail after freezing and melting , it is absolutely can be frozen.

2. insulin after unsealing (i.e. rubber plug is through the needle), including bottled insulin,  refilled insulin pen or special filling insulin pen, put in the room temperature below 25 degrees Celsius, cool, can save 4 ~ 6 weeks, not need to be placed in the refrigerator.

3. the insulin pen and the special filling pen are installed with the pen core, and the needles must be unloaded and the needles can not be saved.

4. if direct sunlight or temperature rises to 30 to 50 degrees C, the potency of various insulin will be reduced in varying degrees. E.g. 18 months later, the efficacy of short acting insulin decreased by more than 50%, and the effect of medium effect and long effect insulin could reduce the effect of 10% to 15%. Once more than 50 degrees centigrade, all kinds of insulin will deteriorate rapidly. Therefore, we must look at the expiration date of the label before inject insulin, and observe the color and character of the liquid. If it is found that the drug has expired, adhered, crystallized and discoloration problems, it should not be used.

5. you should carry insulin in a cooling case or insulin cooler bag when you go out. When people leave the car, don't leave insulin in the car, because the temperature in the car can be very high, even more than 50 degrees centigrade when the sunshine is sufficient.

6. When travel by plane, insulin should be carried at hand, can not be checked, because the luggage compartment temperature will drop below zero. In addition, when you go out, insulin should avoid violent shock, so as not to affect the efficacy of the drug.

7 carry insulin, injection pen, needle, alcohol cotton ball and blood sugar instrument, blood sugar test paper, not to forget to take medicine on time, take an injection and sterilize the injecting equipment.

8 don't forget to add meals in time. When going out, especially when join big activities such as mountain climbing, play and long distance travel, the amount of staple food should be increased correspondingly.

9 carry some candy, biscuits foods for hypoglycemia urgently.

10 those who use insulin treatment, it is best to carry a diabetes self-care card, in case of emergencies in hypoglycemia coma or other emergency. Once someone finds out this card, it can be handled and sent to the hospital for first aid.

11 it should be noted when travel abroad that concentration of the insulin purchased abroad may be different from the domestic . The instructions should be read carefully and the amount of injection should be recalculated.

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