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What should you pay attention to when you travel?

- Jan 08, 2018 -

"The world is so big, I want to go out and have a look."

But diabetics are annoyed in their hearts.

How should insulin be carried?

What is the correct way to store insulin in a daily way?

Storage and Use of Insulin 

1. unopened insulin should be stored in 2 to 8deg C in the refrigerator freezer, not too close to the freezer and no freeze.

2. open Insulin for use should be keep at room temperature (not more than 30 deg C), and not be placed in the refrigerator, but in the hot climate (more than 30 deg C), it must be placed in the refrigerator. When use the insulin, it should be taken out and put in room temperature before inject the insulin.

3. When use insulin, it should be mixed and needle should be pulled out when finishing injection,  otherwise there will be a liquid spillover needle when the temperature change, .

4. needles should not be used repeatedly. The reused needles are easily blocked and have burr, bending and barbs. Furthermore, it is easily cause local infection.

What should diabetic patients pay attention to when you travel?

1. keep the insulin in the insulin cooler bag when traveling to avoid overcooling or overheating and repeated shock.

2. when traveling with temperature higher than 30 degrees, the insulin should be stored in a cooling bag and stored in the refrigerator after turn back to hotel.

3. when taking a plane, insulin preparations should be packed in carry-on cooling bags, instead of consigning with luggage, because the temperature of the cabin is too low, which will make insulin degeneration.

4.insulin should not be put in the car directly, especially in the summer season, the temperature inside the vehicle will increase to more than 60 degrees. This temperature will reduce the titer of insulin.


Other matters attention

1. insulin is easy to form some precipitate or filamentous fibers because of the degeneration of protein. It should be kept to avoid the heat and sunlight, don't put insulin (or insulin injection device, such as insulin pen etc.) in a high temperature environment. Before using, visually inspect the appearance and character of insulin, if it’s found abnormal appearance, then discontinue.

2. Antifreeze: insulin is not resistant to high temperature or low temperature. This is because freezing will make insulin degenerate and failed, even if it’s thawed, insulin can not be used any longer.

3. Anti shock: the molecular structure of insulin is composed of two amino acids with two disulfide bonds two loosely connected together, in the case of severe vibration, two disulfide bond will be broken, thus destroying its biological activity, resulting in efficacy loss, therefore, when mixing insulin or insulin in the pre strain, the action should be gentle.

4. whether it is the unused insulin or the insulin being used, it must be discarded if over the period of validity or the duration of use.

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