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Ice Packs With Cold Gel Refrigerant

- Jul 31, 2018 -
Ice Packs With Cold Gel Refrigerant

Ordinary ice packs - 80 ℃ can be frozen?

Before answering this question, we suggest ice packs users first understand the packaging material of ice packs. Currently, there are two kinds of ice packs packaging materials on the market, namely ordinary pe film and nylon composite film. Nylon composite film is a kind of film material with high cost and has strong anti-corrosion and anti-freeze performance.

Ice packs packaging material after we know it's not hard to determine, if we buy ice packs the packaging material is pe film, not directly into the frozen - 80 ℃ environment, because it's easy to have a film embrittlement, frosty ice packs. In commonly - 5 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ is preferred. If ice packs material is nylon composite film, although in theory could freeze - 80 ℃ under the following circumstances, but still advise clients in no less than 40 ℃ - nylon composite film material under the environment of frozen ice packs products, the main reason for low temperature products safety consideration, because in addition to frozen ice packs for the mushy, frozen ice packs are liquid.

Had better not below freezing temperature thus conclude that the ordinary ice packs to 40 ℃, try not to - 80 ℃ to freeze, choose suitable freezing temperature is the professional choice.

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