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Insulin Cooler Bag For Diabetics

- Jan 09, 2018 -
Insulin Cooler Bag

What is the temperature suitable for insulin preservation?

First of all, insulin has a failure problem, the effect of insulin titer will affect the use of insulin. There are many reasons for insulin failure, for example, in high temperature, insulin is prone to failure. Severe shaking can also cause insulin failure, mainly because of the disulfide bonds that connect the molecules within the insulin.

So what's the temperature for insulin preservation? Insulin is a sensitive agent for temperature, and it is generally recommended that insulin be kept under 2-EVA Cool Insulin Carrying Cases ℃ environment. So, is insulin must be kept in 2-EVA Cool Insulin Carrying Cases ℃ environment?

In fact, 2-EVA Cool Insulin Carrying Cases ℃ environment, insulin can be kept for 2-3 years without failure. At room temperature (25 ℃), insulin can be stored effectively for 4 weeks (one months).

It is recommended that insulin should not be kept in an environment that is above 25 ℃ or stored in 0 ℃, and that insulin should avoid icing. Insulin cooler bag can be used to ensure that the insulin constant temperature, to ensure that the insulin is not due to changes in temperature, and the small and convenient insulin cooler box, and stationery, which can save a lot of inconvenience.

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