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Insulin Cooling Case For Kids

- Jan 12, 2018 -
insulin cooling case for kids

The incidence of childhood diabetes is increasing every year. In China, the type 2 diabetes, once known as the "adult type", has a tendency to be young, younger, and geometrically progressive in recent years. With more and more obese children, the group of 2 sugar friends is getting bigger. In our country, at present one of 10 sugar friends is a teenager, among them the fastest growing is type 2 diabetes, which accounts for most of the children's diabetes.

Unopened insulin is generally stored in the 2-8 ℃ refrigerator, the already opened insulin should be kept at room temperature., cool, shelter, generally can be kept for 1 months, do not store the already opened insulin in the refrigerator, because the expansion and contraction may affect the accuracy of insulin dosage, or even insulin failure. In order to allow children to easily inject insulin, need to use a special insulin cooling case for kids. Children's insulin box easy to carry, small, and ordinary stationery size almost. And the color is bright also is the child more likes. In the process of going out or going to school, it is convenient to carry.

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