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insulin pump cooling case

- Jan 03, 2018 -
insulin pump cooling case

How to maintain Insulin Pump Cooling Case?

1,the general temperature is 4 degrees,not too high, also can not be too low, otherwise it will be harmful to insulin. And when you open the freezer can not be long time, be sure to pay attention to the temperature inside.

2,Insulin Pump Cooling Case to avoid direct sun, away from high temperature, high humidity environment, to prevent the drug freezer box failure or damp rust.

3,as far as possible, the insulin freezer placed in a well-ventilated environment to use, strictly prohibit the ventilation of the machine plug, this will be due to poor ventilation and damage to the machine and damage to drugs.

4,the Insulin Pump Cooling Case must be arranged regularly, do not let inside appear dirty thing or bad smell.

5,clean insulin freezer box to use soft cloth dip some neutral detergent gently wipe, and then wipe with water, avoid using dirt powder, gasoline, acidic or alkaline detergent, chemical cloth, banana water.

6,the Insulin Pump Cooling Case is not used for a long time, the case will be wiped clean, to be fully dry in the case.

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