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Lunch Cooler Bag

- Jul 31, 2018 -
Round Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag

When it comes to heat preservation bags, how many people will be more attention lunch cooler bag is of good quality, with the improvement of life quality, food safety is all the more important, so a lot of net friend to start during the work used to bring their own lunch, so will buy lunch cooler bag to take lunch, but at this time is bothering you, friends how insulated lunch bag is of good quality?

Based on years of working experience in the cold chain industry, this paper discusses how to distinguish the good quality and bad quality of lunch insulation package:

In fact, the quality of the lunch cooler bag depends on whether the lunch insulation package manufacturers really consider the users, the actually take lunch during the summer, heat preservation heat preservation performance is good lunch bag with refrigerated ice packs to use more appropriate, so can the cold with ice packs and heat preservation heat insulation performance of package, in a relatively long period of time to the plant to carry lunch, at lunch time as long as the heat your lunch in the company, therefore, it is better to carry lunch in summer with ice packs.winter temperature is low, net friend carries when can put some ice pack also need not put, specific adjust according to temperature.

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