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medical cold chain​ bag

- Jul 02, 2018 -
Vaccine Transport Bag

With the implementation of the new GSP, relevant departments need to formulate implementation rules and standards, and gradually improve the supervision measures. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision on the medical cold chain and regulate the operation of the cold chain so as to ensure the low-cost operation and avoid the occurrence of "broken chain". Cold chain management is an important part of drug circulation and runs through the whole process of supply chain management. At present, the storage and transportation of refrigerated drugs in China are operated by the main channel of medicine circulation, and there are also self-established systems or self-employed businesses.

Pharmaceutical cold chain logistics system is a huge, involve more than one link, from the factory to the distribution center, from distribution centers to customers at the provincial level or regional secondary distribution center, from the customer at the provincial level to the municipal clients to customers at the county level, eventually to the user, each link all need to be refrigerated, also need cold-chain transportation, need to be refrigerated facilities and equipment, and need vaccine of refrigerated vehicles, transport, cold chain drug traffic volume is small to the terminal customers, refrigerator is not the economy, need to move the freezer, cooler, Vaccine Transport Bag, ice floe, etc. The key of medical cold chain logistics is to realize the temperature control of the whole process, to ensure the reduction of the loss of medical drugs, and to ensure the maximum quality to meet the needs of consumers.

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