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Polyester Insulin Cooler Bag For Diabetics

- Jan 05, 2018 -
Insulin Cooler Bag

Unopened insulin is best kept in a portable storage device (ice pack, cooling bag, etc.) or a self contained thermos. Note that insulin should not be placed directly on the ice pack, it is appropriate to use a towel and other parcels placed to prevent solidification. When you arrive at your destination, you should put it in the fridge 2℃~8℃ freezer.

The insulin being used can be carried and preserved at room temperature, but it should be stored in the cooling bag when it is hot (more than 30 ℃), and should be put into the refrigerator 2℃~8℃ freezer in time.

Currently available in the market for insulin preservation of portable products are:

ღ ice pack;

Insulin cool bag.

The ice pack maintain a relatively low temperature, but the maintenance time is not long, and carry the need for electricity and ice. The cooling bag can last for 4-5 days after water is activated and stored safely. 

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