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Portable cooling case

- Jan 05, 2018 -
portable cooling case.jpg

The advantages of portable cooling case

Portable cooling case, the temperature effect is very good, can be a long time to ensure a constant temperature between 2-8 degrees, fully solve the people out of the trouble of saving drugs.

1.portable: for the outgoing category of people with the length of travel will have to varying degrees of baggage, refrigerated box design is also fully considered the small space-saving this link, the appearance of the students with the size of the stationery box similar. Maximize the use of space, both to save 

space and large enough capacity, Let the thermostat small medicine in the absence of sufficient use.

2.because the portable cooling case is relatively small for temperature constant played a crucial role.

3.the practical, traveling travel category people worry about is whether things 

"take up can go", and portable cooling case to solve the users ' worries.

4.portable cooling case is also directly solve the problem of the use of aircraft to save the drug, because the portable cooling case back does not contain any liquid will not have any restrictions on passengers by plane, but also allows the drug can be kept close to the user enough in mind to guarantee.

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