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Vaccine Carrier Cold Chain Boxes

- Jul 02, 2018 -
Vaccine Carrier Cold Chain Box

Vaccine carrier cold chain boxes, specialized in manufacturing, engineering plastics inside and outside the box, tough and strong, widely used in scientific research, medical treatment, food in areas such as cold storage preservation, the best travel leisure products, particularly suitable for outing, sports, fishing; good insulation effect; it can protect heat, or it can cooperate with the ice pack ice box of corresponding temperature to form a freezer box to protect the customer's temperature products. Vaccine carrier cold chain boxes equipped with cooler limit nylon belt, effective control of ice cover in out of the trip, to protect the frozen cover not due to a variety of different strength out of the rotation angle of the damage, protect the safety of the cooler, protect the hinge, so as to improve the distribution of intensity of the incubator.

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