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Waterproof Fishing Cool Bag

- Jul 02, 2018 -
Waterproof Fishing Cool Bag

The fishing requirements are very strict, so auxiliary tools must be provided.

Fishing cool bag: Waterproof fishing cool bag is the main tool for fishing. The box can hold all kinds of fishing gear, baits and fishing tools. There are also batteries at the bottom of the advanced waterproof fishing cool bag. The fishing box can replace the folding chair for the angler to sit on.

Rod holder: The rod holder is now basically made of carbon. The length is 80, 100, 120 centimeters and other specifications. The angler uses it as needed. There are three functions of the rod holder: First, it can save effort and put the fishing rod on it; the second is to play a fixed point role in the casting of the rod, and the third is to provide a visual measurement of the distance of the rod. It is one of the indispensable equipment in fishing.

Fish protection: When we go fishing in the wild, we usually choose a 30-35 cm circle. In competitive fishing, we choose the 45-centimeter caliber in order to put the fish into the enclosure faster and more accurately when the flying fish enter the enclosure.

Catch a needle: Also known as the hook hook hook hook, is a must tool in competitive fishing small crucian carp. Catch the needle is a very unique design in the platform fishing accessories, a very thin steel needle, exquisite workmanship, better is titanium alloy material. Stop needle need not make special w shape, just need to pin tail place one fold, l shape is ok, both simple and convenient.

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