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Waterproof Fishing Cooler Bag

- Jun 01, 2018 -

1. Heat resistance and cold resistance

Waterproof fishing cooler bag has high requirements for heat resistance and cold resistance. It will not deform in high temperature water and can even be sterilized by boiling water.

2. Durable

Should have superior impact resistance, pressure or impact when not easy to break, will not leave scratch, can use for life.

3. The seal

This is the first thing to consider when choosing a waterproof fishing cooler bag. Although different brands of products seal the way is different, but the excellent sealing is a memory food lasting fresh essential condition.

4. The fresh

The international seal measurement standard is evaluated by the moisture permeability test. The high quality fresh preservation box is 200 times lower than the moisture permeability of similar products, which can keep things fresh for a long time.

5. Multifunctional diversity

According to life need to design different size, with the repeated use of science and technology use ice packs, ice packs can protect cold can protect heat (lowest ice packs can be frozen to - 190 ℃, the highest can be heated to 200 ℃, can be arbitrarily cut size)

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