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What's the difference of traditional transporation mode and polarbox technology transporation mode for low temperature storage goods?

- Mar 06, 2018 -

Cold Chain Solution

The low temperature storage tank has a relatively large advantage in the process of short and medium low temperature transportation and the distribution process from the whole to zero.

Comparison of Transport Mode between Cryogenic Storage Tank and Refrigerator Car

Traditional Logistics Transporation Mode .jpg

From the figure, we can see the outline, the whole transportation industry uses the mode of transportation showed on the left picture, no matter what kind of type of enterprise delivery or transport logistics company get goods transported from the distribution center warehouse, and classify, load, transport goods according to the type of goods (the reason why different refrigerated transport demand of goods classification is because refrigerated truck can only provide a temperature; goods with different temperature requirements can’t be mixed and transported in same regrigerated truck); After sorting goods, each vehicle is unable to be loaded fully (such as: 7 tons of cargo are transported with 2 cars and each car carrying 5 tons, each car can only hold a little more than 3 tons). So as to cause the waste of transportation cost. At the same time, because of the large radius of transportation on the distribution point, the transport vehicle starts a long time at every pivot.

If a small amount of goods caused a large waste of resources for logistics enterprises, resulting in high transportation costs (such as vehicle loading the goods need to transport air conditioners, relatively scattered goods also need to open air transport; apparently in the same trip in transporting goods vehicle is certainly better than scattered goods; usually Clients are reluctant to pay high transportation costs for small batch, scattered goods, while transport logistics company itself refrigerated transport vehicle cost is fixed, thus caused the difference idea in price and value between both parties).

Transporation Mode with POLARBOX Technology

Polarbox transporation mode.jpg

Polarbox transport.pngTransporation mode with POLARBOX technology fundamentally changes existing problems in traditional logistics transportation: transportation for scattered cargo, marketing network distribution, loading with different kinds of goods. Transporation mode with POLARBOX technology can achieve loading normal temperature goods, cold storage goods and frozen goods in a same ordinary truck, give full play to the same direction of cargo capacity, thereby reducing the cost of transportation.

Comparison of refrigerator car and cryogenic transport box:

refrigerator car
cryogenic transport box
Transporation Cost

When the quantity of goods is small, it is a great waste of resources for the logistics enterprises, and the 

cost of transportation is very high.

Normal temperature goods, cold 

storage goods and frozen goods 

could be loaded in a same 

ordinary truck for delivery,  

fully taking cargo transporation capacity in same direction, thereby reducing the cost of 


Thermal insulation performance

In short delivery, the door is 

opened many times during the 

transportation process, which causes the temperature in the room 

increasing and the thermal 

insulation performance is not good.

When a number of cold storage 

tanks are used, the temperature 

rise caused by multiple opening 

of the door will not occur, so 

that the quality of the goods is fully guaranteed.



One temperature
+10℃ ~ -40℃



Service Condition
Can not be used flexibly
Made of light resin, light weight and removable 
Energy Consumption Situation
Very High
Very low


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