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Temperature Sensitive Medicine Cold Delivery Cooler Box and Ice Chest for Vaccine Carrier

Brand Name:PolarBag
Model Number:VPU-1586
Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)
outer size:660x660x660mm
inner size:540x540x540mm
outer material:PP
weight with ice bricks:41KG
cold source:6pcs PCM
color of ice pack:green,pink,blue
empty capcacity:158L...

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Product Details

Temperature Sensitive Medicine Cold Delivery Cooler Box and Ice Chest for Vaccine Carrier

Specifications of Medicine Cold Delivery Cooler Box and Ice Chest for Vaccine Carrier


Usable Cold Space Capacity/Dimensions:121litres/488*488*510mm
Empty Capacity/Internal Dimensions:158litres/540*540*540mm
Weight Empty/Incu.HTBH PCM packs:25.34/44.54kg
External Dimensions:660*660*660mm
External Cover:Polyester 1680D, 8mm Foam, with Aluminised PE/2mm PE Foam inner., with fabric hinge and #10 zip fastener closing
Shipping box:PVC Board outer cover
VPU Insulation:6 x 20mm VIP Boards, K=0.0025 W/m.k(at centre of panel), embeded in 6 x 40mm PU closed cell rigid Foam interlocking PVC Board sandwich panels(patented) forming the structure and lid of the box.
VPU panel Thermal Conductivity: 0.0043 W/m.k(centre + 4 corners)
VPU panel Thermal Resistivity(R):4.5m²K/W
VPU Panel Density:375kg/m³
Lid Type:
Plug type VPU panel, Zipped cover closing flap with fabric hinge
Refrigerant/Dimensions:PCM, HTBH-530/6pcs.*380*22mm, 4450grams
Shipping Carton Dimensions:680*680*580mm(1pcs.)
Cold life from Close of Lid to 8°C:Test at 43°C- 35hours 43 mins.(PCM+5°C)

Our innovated 6pcs of interlocking ice pack keep cool air into the ice box, no leaking outside. And our high performance VPU insulation can keep 2 deg C to 8 deg C for more than 72 hours at ambient temperature of - 25deg C to +35 deg C.  


Cold Chain Bags and Boxes, specially designed to hold temperatures within essential safe temperature limits without electricity during transport or use for:



Biopharmaceutical, Life Science and other Medical Products

IVD products and biological specimens 

National Health Service,WHO,UNICEF, Blood & Tissue Transplant Agencies

Selected fresh food, drink and dairy products



Before using, wipe the non toxic sealed HT Ice Bricks dry, and place into a freezer until they are fully frozen (about 24 hours). If using HT Ice Packs, fill with clean fresh water, firmly replace the screw cap, then follow the same procedure. 

Remove the frozen packs from the freezer, and place every pack into the box in the positions indicated, and close the lid. 

When the temperature of the box reduces to below 8deg .C, open the lid and place the contents to be kept cold in the medicine cooler boxClose the lid.

1.4 Notes:

When not using your medicine cooler box, store your sealed HT Ice Bricks and water filled Ice Packs in the freezer - then they will be ready for using just when you want them. 

For longest cold life, make sure that the temperature of the contents to be loaded into the medicine cooler box is below 8deg.C.

Constructure of Medicine Cold Delivery Cooler Box and Ice Chest for Vaccine Carrier

2.1 VPU insulated shipper box


shipper box=5 * panels + assembly tape + lid

●Light Weight.

●System-R Value= XX.XX

●Longer Holding Times.

●More Stable Temperatures.

●Larger Controlled Temperature Space.

●Rectangular shape-convenient to load,stack and transfer, with no wasted shipping space.

●Full size removable lid,easy access to cold space for refrigerant and payload.

●Easy to clean before and after use

 2.2 Protective outer cover


The Outer Cover:

●Protect the Shipper box from accidental damage, and damage from being dragged across a      rough floor.

●Provides webbing handles to lift/carry the box

●Provides the means of securely closing the lid of the shipper.

Cover Materials:

●Outer fabric-polyester, 1680Dd , 0.32mm.

●Inner lining-aluminised PE, laminated to 2.0 mm PE foam.

●Foam Filler-Flesible Closed Cell PE foam, 8.0mm.

 ●Piping and handles-polyester webbing.

 ●Zip fastener-Nylon, NO.10

2.3 PCM Refrigerants for PolarBox VPU


PolarBox PCM(Phase Change Material)Packs are:

●Moulded from HDPE, contain PCM, and are fully sealed.

●Only suitable for use with PolarBox VPU products.

●Designed to fit against the box walls, and use chamfers on each edge to lock the packs in    place.

●Fragile when solid -Do Not Drop and Handle with care. 

●Color Code, and marked with each Phase Change Tempterature.

  Pink: + 5deg., +18deg., +35deg.,

  Blue: 0deg.

  Green: -5deg., -10deg., -25deg.,


●The correct Phase Change Point is approximately half way between the temperature limits specified(eg. If the limits specified are +2deg. to +8deg., select a Phase Change Point of +5deg.).

Assembly of  Medicine Cold Delivery Cooler Box and Ice Chest for Vaccine Carrier


Put interlocking PCM into VPU

chilly insulate box (2).jpg

Add outer cover

carton packing.jpg

Carton Packing

 Precondiction PCM for Medicine Cold Delivery Cooler Box and Ice Chest for Vaccine Carrier



● Check the ambient conditions(“Hot”means exposure to temperatures over +18°C for long periods,and “cold” means exposure to temperatures below +18°C for long periods). 

● Place the PCM Packs flat in the refrigerator, or freezer or in room temperature, allowing a free of air over them.

●Select and precondition according to the Table.

●Pack out the PolarBox at a controlled room temperature, preferably about +18°C


PCM Conditioning Table

● Preconditioning is essential to prepare the PCM to absorb the maximum thermal energy during Phase Change. 

●This is important to achieve maximum life at a controlled temperature.

Test example of Medicine Cold Delivery Cooler Box and Ice Chest for Vaccine Carrier


Available Medicine Cold Delivery Cooler Box and Ice Chest for Vaccine Carrier



OEM or offering suitable Medicine Cold Delivery Cooler Box and Ice Chest for Vaccine Carrier

  • What is the payload?

  • What is the required range of controlled tempeature?

  • What is the range of ambient temperature?

  • What is the controlled temperature period(hours) required?

  • What is the weight of a single payload?

  • How is the payload package?

  • What is the destination country for the payload?(To assess comliance issues)

  • How will shipment of PolarBox from Haotian be made?(By air, land or sea)

  • What is the conutry of import, and the port of Entry?

  • Is Insurance required?

  • Is an external digital thermometer required?

  • Is an internal data logger required?

  • What labelling is required on the outside of the PolarBox? Who will supply the artwork?

  • Is there a requirement for documentation to be carried inside the box? If so does it need to be in a sealed pouch?

  • Does the Customer have any special requirements? Pls list.

Answers to these questions will allow us to offer PolarBox to the exact requirments of yours.





As one of the leading cooler products manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy and wholesale our temperature sensitive medicine cold delivery cooler box and ice chest for vaccine carrier. We will offer you the best after-sale service and competitive price. For more information, welcome to contact our factory.

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