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Cold Chain Logistics, Whether It Can Break The Bottleneck, Seize The Opportunity, Usher In The Peak

- May 29, 2018 -

Cold chain logistics refers to a systematic project for the production, storage, transportation and sales of chilled and frozen foodstuffs, which is always in the specified low temperature environment before consumption, to ensure food quality and reduce food waste. It has a wide range of applications, including primary agricultural products, aquatic products, flower products, frozen foods, and special products.


With the development of science and technology, the era of multipolarization and economic globalization has come. According to the new situation of logistics development at home and abroad, the future development trend of logistics can be summarized as information, networking, automation, globalization, integration and intelligence. However, due to the higher requirements for the transportation of cold chain products, the corresponding management and capital investment is also greater than ordinary normal temperature logistics. Therefore, cold chain has always been an area that logistics companies dare not easily insert. The proportion of fruits and vegetables, meat, and aquatic products entering the cold chain system in China is only 5%, 15%, and 23%. In addition, according to relevant media reports, the value of foods that are rotting and spoiling in the country each year is only 70 billion yuan, which has caused huge economic waste. However, with the continuous expansion of information networks, consumer demand is also constantly improving, then with the continuous surpassing the level of quality of life, cold chain logistics can break through the bottleneck period, usher in the cold chain logistics own spring?

The outlook for the cold chain in the future is very good. However, from the perspective of demand, domestic demand has gradually developed as people's level has improved, but it is still in its infancy. Domestic cold chains are relatively small and they are relatively small. However, a relatively balanced configuration center has been formed in foreign countries, and the cold chain will not be interrupted, but it is difficult to do so in China. Therefore, with the continuous development of cold chain technology and the enhancement of the external surrounding environment, the technology will continue to mature and the prospects will become better and better.

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