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Cold Chain Monitoring In Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Transportation

- May 05, 2017 -

Pharmaceutical cold chain transportation process is the key to ensure that drugs, vaccines at the required temperature, such as 2-8 degree cold chain transport. At present, a lot of third party logistics companies to undertake the long distance transportation of the refrigerator or freezer, in the course of transportation, the driver in order to save fuel, often close the cold storage equipment, leading to changes in the potency of drugs, vaccines. In this case, it is necessary to track the whole cold chain transportation by a temperature recorder or an electronic label. Xiamen Qi Cold Chain Technology Co., Ltd. temperature recorder model is divided into QBRC-4, QBRC-5U disc temperature recorder, coverage rate of 50% of the national pharmaceutical enterprises. With the new version of GSP certification standards, in addition, refrigerated vehicles can also be equipped with temperature recorder can upload real-time temperature data, when the freezer temperature exceeds the warning range, temperature recorder will automatically send alarm messages to the person in charge of mobile phone. Real time tracking the whole process of cold chain.

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