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Cold Chain Ushers Great Opportunities

- Dec 25, 2017 -

With the upgrading of consumption continued to deepen, the cold chain equipment manufacturing enterprises gradually shifting to fresh and pharmaceutical industry from traditional forzen, and household refrigerator freezer companies beginning to explore development in the field of light commercial cabinet, the cold chain logistics industry marginal expands gradually and get more and more attention.

1)New Refrigerants: CO2 and NH3 natural refrigerants are widely used in large, even medium and small refrigerating equipment.

2) New Format: new catering central kitchen, new retail vending machine;

3) New Field: refrigeration equipment is expanded in new fields such as nuclear power and medicine.

4) Intelligentization: in the age of Internet, the intelligent development is the general trend no matter in the end of the equipment or cold chain management.

5) Modularization: the modular and large-scale development of cold chain equipment, and improve the utilization and profitability of the equipment;

6)Internationalization: new demand driven demand in overseas markets and the new demand initiatived by Chinese Belt and Road policy are connected.

medical cooler box.jpg

Therefore integrating cold chain service and providing integrated solutions have become the service which could really solve the pain point in current cold chain industry. But at present,  a few enterprises have the real strength to provide such service, only Hao Tian Technology, who has been providing the cold chain solutions and offer products like medical cooler boxes, medical cooler bags, diabetic insulin cases, polarboxes etc. for decades, could provide such services, but also it’s the potential for the development of cold chain industry.

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