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Cooler Travel Bag

- Nov 23, 2017 -
cooler travel bag

Cooler Travel Bag Use Note:

1.Before use, open the cooler Travel Bag, remove the cold source --- IceGel pack, put the IceGel pack  back into the carrying bag within 8-10 hours after freezing in the freezer chamber of the household refrigerator. 

2.Cooler Travel bag use time within 10-12 hours, the temperature in the package can be controlled in the normal physiological temperature of insulin, usually in the refrigertor or in the evening before the 8-10 hours of use, during the day or when used. 3.If cold weather, take out the IceGel pack, apply the outer packing bag.

4.In the long-term use of the case, IceGel pack should be kept in the cold place.

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