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Fujian Southeast Network Reported The Xiamen Science And Technology Capital Docking Conference: CEO Of Hao Tian Technology Had An Important Speech

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Reported by Southeast Fujian Network: Recently sponsored by Xiamen science and Technology Bureau, Xiamen Science and Technology Industrialization Group Co., Ltd. hosted Xiamen Science and Technology Capital Docking medical information special field in IC. Four companies from this field carry their own core projects on the platform.  CEO of Xiamen Hao Tian Cold Chain Technology Co., Ltd.  Chunhai Zheng , participated in the meeting and made an important speech.

Make medical cold transport as simple as express

"When mentioning cold chain transportation, you often think of yogurt and fruits and vegetables. In fact, medicine is the top of Pyramid the cold chain transportation." CEO of Xiamen Hao Tian Cold Chain Technology Co., Ltd.  Chunhai Zheng said at the docking conference that according to statistics, the pharmaceutical circulation market will maintain 10% in line with the growth rate, and the pharmaceutical cold chain industry will maintain a high growth rate.

Last year, the Shandong vaccine incident exposed the problem of medical transport links, and also boosted the development of the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry. safe cold chain transport box "PolarBox" has solved the problem of temperature control in the vast majority of pharmaceutical factories and pharmaceutical circulation enterprises since its appearance. It has filled the gap of domestic technology and solved the problem of high transportation cost in small batches and lots of batches.  According to Zheng, his company currently has more than 20 independent patents and trademark rights, and currently provides a comprehensive cold chain service for 22 customers.



Business representatives introduce the project

Detection of Helicobacter pylori with one mouth phlegm

In recent years, Helicobacter pylori is the main cause of chronic gastritis. It is also one of the causes of gastric cancer. Helicobacter pylori is almost a household name.

In the past, traditional Helicobacter pylori detection has shortcomings such as expensive instruments, low detection accuracy and low accuracy. "Helicobacter pylori detection technology based on LAMP technology can achieve one sputum and complete detection within 30 minutes." According to the general manager of Xiamen Lantel Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Yang Luxi introduced, this technology has the advantages of low cost, convenient detection step, rapid, accurate, low equipment requirements five characteristics. In addition, the application of this technology also includes the detection of infectious diseases and the related detection of individualized treatment of tumor and tumor.

"We hope to finish the angel wheel investment in March next year." Yang Luxi says she has accumulated years of experience in the US laboratory to bring the technology back to the country.  However, as a new company just set up last month, enterprises urgently need funds to maintain R & D and production.



Guests' questions and comments

On the same day, the activities attracted 15 investment institutions and financial services institutions, such as high and new technology venture investment and information capital, to participate in the docking. There were nearly 50 people meeting on the scene. In addition, the organizers also invited to Xiamen Yingqu assistant to the president, vice president of Xiamen University Science and Technology entrepreneurial resources club general Chen Jiancheng and Xiamen Xin nine Cci Capital Ltd partner Cao Changmao as this matchmaking guest reviews, provide constructive suggestions for enterprise roadshow.

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