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How To Choose A Cold Pack?

- May 05, 2017 -

In recent years, there has been a wide variety of products in the market, such as cold storage, cold storage kits, consumers how to choose a high quality vaccine package? Qi cold chain Xiaobian for you to summarize the main factors affecting the quality of cold storage bag.

The main body of the cold storage bag: commonly used cold storage fabric mainly non-woven fabrics, polyester Oxford fabric. Non woven bag is mainly used in the production of refrigerated shopping bags. Bearing capacity is relatively poor, easy to damage. Cold chain cold bag is mainly made of polyester fabric. Polyester fabric and fabric density is divided into 420D.600D.840D.1680D fabrics. Fabric density is more suitable for outdoor use. Cold chain storage bag with Qi the highest density of 1680D double fabric made of polyester. Resistant to dirt, waterproof, high gloss, long service life. Ordinary refrigerator is usually used as ordinary cloth lining inside the refrigerator, ice Qi medical environmental protection silver aluminum film, can effectively reflect air molecules, makes the air distribution within the package is more uniform.

The heat insulation layer of cold storage bag is high density EPE material. Cold chain vaccine cold packs can be customized according to customer requirements of the corresponding density, thickness of the cold bag. Different density, different thickness of the insulation layer will affect the length of cold preservation time. The cold chain vaccine cold pack QB0914 adopts a three-dimensional cutting, and the front side of the cold bag is provided with a three-dimensional front bag, which is used for placing files and instruments. The cold storage bag adopts five layers to optimize the inner liner structure, and is awarded the national utility model patent.

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