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How To Use The Biological Ice Bag, The Use Of What To Pay Attention To Details

- May 05, 2017 -

Many people only know the ice bag to the freezer can be completely frozen out of ice using things, actually use ice packs more than that, when more simple products used in many of the details of the more attention should be paid to.

Our company has a lot of staff home several essential spare ice, ice bag useless is taking place, and can be placed for a long time will not be so easy to use no time expired, just in case, some colleagues directly in the refrigerator frozen one or two ice pack spare, especially in summer, the use of ice is far better.

First of all, how to use the ice bag. Access to some of the company's colleagues, most of them are directly thrown into the freezer freezer one or two bags of ice bags to stay, to be used directly to take out. In fact, the ice freezing time is about, such as water ice, water ice components less viscous, water content more easily frozen, low crystallization point, usually 6 hours is completely frozen into ice; gel type ice composition more, a variety of eutectic material blending, usually completely freezes more than 6 hours for a long time. The frozen ice bag is taken out to be placed together with the articles to be kept warm, and the object can be cooled and heated by the heat energy conversion.

You should pay attention to several situations encountered ice used in heat preservation and overheating of the goods; goods if the surface temperature of overheating, try to find something about a layer of isolation when the use of ice, don't let the ice bag placed directly into the hot object, use for a long time, the plastic packaging bag is easy to aging, easy to brittle. When the insulation with room temperature or lukewarm items need to pay attention to, don't touch the sharp objects, ice bag packaging frozen no room temperature toughness is good, with sharp objects easily broken.

When the frozen ice should also pay attention to the natural state of decentralization of flat frozen, many of US companies do when freezing design, we will remind customers under natural conditions laid flat frozen, so you can greatly save storage space to play ice insulation effect.

Save ice pack should pay attention not to be placed in direct sunlight, do not put in the environment of high temperature, as far as possible in the cool room ventilated room temperature preservation. The use and preservation of proper ice packs are very high, and can be used for a long time.

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