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In 2018, The Analysis Of Agricultural Products Cold Chain Logistics Industry Has Great Potential For Long-term Development.

- Jun 22, 2018 -

In 2018, the analysis of agricultural products cold chain logistics industry has great potential for long-term development.

The analysis of the current situation of the cold chain logistics industry of agricultural products.


Agricultural products are the main selling objects of agricultural products logistics. Due to the characteristics of the products, they are easy to cause damage and corrosion and cause serious losses. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth completion of the agricultural products logistics and the realization of the value of agricultural products, we must constantly improve the infrastructure construction of the logistics links such as processing, transportation, distribution and so on, and increase the input and application of new technology and new technology. In the long run, the demand and development space of agricultural products cold chain logistics market is very large.

According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, in 2017, the scale of fresh products (meat, aquatic products, eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits) in China was over 13 million tons, reaching 13.28 million tons, and the demand for cold chain logistics was very strong. However, due to various reasons, the development of agricultural products cold chain logistics is still difficult to meet the huge demand.

Agricultural Products Cold Chain Logistics Industry Trend Analysis

According to the current status of cold chain logistics industry in China's agricultural products, the following trends will emerge in the future:

First, technological innovation helped the cold chain logistics standards come to the fore. Refrigeration, food quick-freezing, cold storage automation, packaging and other technology development help improve the quality and efficiency of cold chain services. The application of the Internet has forced the implementation of cold chain logistics standards. The competition of fresh e-commerce has made cold chain service standards more transparent and standardized. The application of mobile two-dimensional codes has made dynamic monitoring of standards possible.

Second, the service form of cold chain logistics will be more diversified. Services centered on traditional cold chain business (such as cold chain line transport, cold storage, cold chain delivery, etc.), such as cold chain packaging industry, cold chain certification service (product traceability, supplier rating), fresh product trading center construction, IT industry companies (temperature, humidity, and other full-scale quality monitoring) are forming the entire industry chain.

Third, investment in information technology has increased. At present, most of China's cold-chain logistics companies are still in an extensive management stage, the cold chain demand cannot be met at any time, the cold chain resources cannot be fully utilized, the cold chain operation costs are high, and the efficiency is low. In order to realize cost reduction and efficiency enhancement and realize automation and intelligence, technology investment is indispensable.

Fourth, the cold chain network system tends to be perfect. The cold chain transportation system includes a very large data network and branch line system, a cold storage system, a field network, a city network, and a home delivery network. It uses data networks to connect the other four ground networks so that they can communicate at any time. A system of overall significance

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