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Notes On The Use Of Vaccine Cold Storage Bags

- May 05, 2017 -

1 before and after use, pay attention to check without damage, cracks, refrigerator cover is closed, the use of ice, equipped with appropriate vaccine.

2 distribution and storage of vaccines, should be in the cold box (bag) on the bottom pad gauze or paper, to absorb water and prevent vaccine fragmentation;

3 ice should be to condensation at low temperature freezing ("sweat") state, in the cold box (package). Ice neatly placed in the middle and bottom sides of vaccine box, covered with ice. The vaccine can not directly contact with the ampoule to prevent the freezing of ice,

4 after each use of cold storage box (package), should be cleaned and dried after preservation.

How to ice ice

The frozen ice ice program: inject clean water, water injection rate for ice volume 90%. After the water ice placed upright on the refrigerator or freezer, frozen time should not less than 24 hours. In the frozen ice, the gap between the ice sheet and low temperature refrigerator wall should be 3 ~ 5cm.

Every time after the end of cold chain operation, should be refrigerated box (package) in ice water poured out, clean, dry and cold storage box (package) stored separately.

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