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PolarBag Production Presentation

- Sep 15, 2017 -

       PorlarBag Production  Presentation


  PolarBag  is very easily carried, requires no electricity. With high end insulated material, patent designed structure, and special cold source --- IceGel, if the items are placed in PolarBag at room temperature, PolarBag can cool them down to about 0 deg. C, and hold them at a low temperature depending on the temperature of the items when you place them in the bag.


HT1910 PolarBag was a model designed for pharmaceutical usage with a special remonveable insulation layer structure and 4pcs Haotian special design ICE Brick cold source for cold storing , PolarBag holds medicines such as Vaccine and Insulin at  2~ 8°C for about 8-24 or more hours !Know more details ,please clilck this link:

  0910 02.jpg

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