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Shen Feng's Medical Cold Chain Storage

- Jul 31, 2018 -

Shen Feng's medical cold chain storage link has invested heavily in early stage

In view of the domestic hospitals and patients' service, Shun Feng has issued a "plan +" solution to the hospital. It includes 13 hospital solutions, such as hospital standing standard, system self-help order, and custom-made drug packaging, as well as the medicine of 9 abilities such as the traceability platform, the green temperature control package and the whole temperature visibility. Drug solution. In addition to Shun Feng, China Post, Jingdong, DHL and other companies are involved in the pharmaceutical cold chain market.

Ma Jiancong, director of Shun Feng pharmaceutical division, said that although the pharmaceutical market has high investment cost in the early stage, its future prospects are enormous. The person in charge of Anshu cold chain, who specializes in medical cold chain logistics, said that storage and transportation are the two key points for the third party to carry the drug cold chain logistics. 

At present, most of the small and medium-sized pharmaceutical logistics enterprises in the market can only do transportation, not involving storage. Because the cost of storing drugs is huge, it can not be assumed by ordinary small and medium-sized logistics enterprises. Public data shows that building a cold chain warehouse needs more than 1 million yuan of capital investment, compared to the cost of 400 yuan / sq m in the ordinary warehouse, the cost of a cold storage equipped with a thermal insulation system requires more than 3000 yuan per square meter.

Johnson's double embroidered bio - related people said that many well-known domestic pharmaceutical companies have their own registered logistics companies, but the logistics enterprises are involved in this market, and they will have more advantages in theory. Pharmaceutical enterprises are in great need of professional logistics services, especially the cold chain transportation service, which is a very important part of quality control. If the cold chain transportation is not properly handled, it may lead to the loss of the effectiveness of drugs. There were also cases of vaccine failure in cold chain treatment.

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