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Shunfeng's Entry Into The Medical Cold Chain Market

- Aug 30, 2018 -

The continuous expansion of the pharmaceutical market has promoted the development of the medical cold chain, and domestic logistics companies have begun to lay out this market. Recently, SF first announced the pharmaceutical supply chain program and hospital solution solutions. It is understood that SF Express uses medical cold chain technology to transport and distribute medicines for pharmaceutical factories, hospitals and consumers. At present, more than 60% of the top 100 pharmaceutical companies have cooperated with SF. Zhao Xiaomin, a courier expert, believes that the domestic third-party pharmaceutical cold chain logistics is still in its infancy, and there is no leading leading enterprise in the past. At this stage, the layout can quickly occupy the market.

Ma Jiancong, head of the SF Medical Department, said that the pharmaceutical market is developing rapidly. Although the initial input costs are high, the future prospects are huge. In addition to SF, China Post, JD, DHL and other companies are involved in the pharmaceutical cold chain market. SF issued a “solution+” solution for hospitals and patient services in China, including hospital stagnation standards, system self-service ordering, customized drug packaging, and other 13-capacity hospital solutions, as well as SF Pharmaceutical traceability. 9 solutions for medical solutions such as platform, green temperature control packaging, and full temperature visibility. In addition, SF has already launched the medical safety delivery service in Chinese medicine hospitals in Tianjin and Shanxi. After the patient visits, scan the diagnostic code according to the prompt or manually input the diagnostic code, fill in the basic information of the shipment, and SF will send the patient's medicine directly. Go home.

The person in charge of Anshu Cold Chain, which specializes in medical cold chain logistics, said that at present, China adopts the GSP-certified third-party pharmaceutical logistics enterprise qualification management system, which conforms to the GSP hard index and can apply for pharmaceutical logistics to third-party logistics enterprises. Logistics enterprises need to combine modern technology and Internet technology to record, monitor and warn the classification, storage, transportation, handover and temperature of drugs. Storage and transportation are two key points for third-party drug-loaded cold face logistics. At present, most of the small and medium-sized pharmaceutical logistics companies on the market can only do this transportation, and it does not involve storage. Because the cost of storing drugs is huge, it is not affordable for small and medium-sized logistics companies.

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