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Small Cold Bag, Play A Big Role in Vaccine transportation

- May 05, 2017 -

There are several different sizes of refrigerators in the injection room, which is divided into a class and two kinds of vaccines.A vaccine cold bag is easy to carry in medical transportation. The thermometer in the refrigerator shows that the temperature of 4.2 DEG C is in full accord with the storage standard of the vaccine at 2 -8. Each refrigerator filled with different kinds of vaccine, diphtheria, measles, meningitis, encephalitis and other packaging different vaccines carring neatly block display which is at a glance. Health service centers generally use vaccine freezers, cold storage kit combined with ice plate from the city CDC vaccine. Refrigerated containers and refrigerated packages must be selected by the manufacturer, with cold chain verification. Vaccines and cold packs for vaccines must be equipped with isolated vaccines and ice plates to prevent direct contact between the vaccine and the ice plate. The temperature of the cold storage and refrigerated containers must be strictly controlled at 2-8 degrees, the temperature is not allowed to float too large, the vaccine is not allowed to be exposed to the sun. In case of outages, they will get the vaccine spoon into the cool bag with ice immediately, ensure the vaccine within 24 hours of "safe and sound".

Cold package is small, but the role is not small, is to protect the safety of the vaccine titer!

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