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Storage Temperature Division And Management Of Low Temperature Refrigerated Drugs

- May 05, 2017 -

The difference between cold and cold chain drugs

Refrigerated drugs include cold storage of drugs and cold storage of drugs two kinds of cold chain drugs refers to the cold storage of drugs, cold chain drugs are part of the refrigerated drugs.

Cold chain drugs on the temperature requirements are more stringent, from production to use can not be separated from the cold chain storage, we must ensure that the drug in the temperature of 2-8 DEG C, in order to ensure the activity of cold chain drugs and drug. And cold medicines include cool storage of medicines, the shade of drug ask requires no cold chain drugs strictly, generally between 0-20 ~ C can be placed, most are placed between the ambient temperature 10-20 degrees, good ventilation. In a very good distinction between the daily, generally see a freezer, refrigerator, ice box and the use of ice packs of most of the drugs are cold chain drugs, such as common vaccines, blood and other biological products.

Two, refrigerated drug temperature division

Cool Department of medicine, which has been mentioned above refers to the cool place placed in the shade of conventional drugs, usually 10-20 C to avoid direct sunlight drugs.

Cold medicine and cold chain drugs, the general storage of 2-8 C temperature control environment.

Normal temperature drugs generally refers to 10-30 degrees C room temperature storage.

Three, refrigerated drug management

The shade is a kind of drug and drug storage at room temperature, because of its temperature requirements are not very strict control, the shade part need to use drugs or medical refrigerator freezer preservation, many pharmacies are on the market can see.

Cold chain drug management, cold chain drugs special requirement on temperature, temperature control of 2-8 ~ C, so the cold chain drug production to use storage requirements must meet the national requirements of the new rules (see article GSP, "GSP certification regulations about freezing facilities and equipment of the 16 drug standard"), you must use the refrigerator can control the temperature 2-8 DEG C or medical incubator for storage management, and meet the requirements the refrigerated container warning record upload function of temperature.

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