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The Difference Between GSP2-8 Temperature And Food Cold Storage Box For Medical Refrigerator

- May 05, 2017 -

The refrigerated container is divided into two types, one is used for medical refrigerator, the other is cold chain cold storage box for food transportation. According to the different properties of the product to be refrigerated, so when the refrigerator design is also used different materials, different structures.

For medical refrigerator, because most of the hospital, medical equipment, pharmaceutical and biotech companies to store vaccines, reagents, biological products for the needs of drug attributes most of the requirements of refrigeration temperature of 2-8 DEG C, so the medical refrigerator in the design development of the outdoor temperature should be considered across different regions, winter and summer outdoor temperature limit, across the North South considering the factors such as temperature difference of latitude of transport, refrigerated box design in timber and institutions, to ensure that the anti shock fall, to prevent air leakage, prevent the breakage of the weight function.

Refrigerated food cold chain transport, due to the contact of edible materials, edible material non-toxic tasteless environmental protection material, food storage requirements for temperature control is not strictly defined standard value, and food storage is divided into two kinds of refrigerators and freezers, personal transportation, there are cold chain transport, so refrigerated food box in the design of the time to consider space as much as possible. The preservation performance of food cold storage box is relatively lower than that of the special medical refrigerator. The cold storage and heat preservation time is also poor.

Different processing technology, most of the food cold box production process is blow molding, professional medical refrigerator production process is injection molding. Ordinary people do not know the difference, a simple explanation of blow molding is generally the formation of hollow parts, injection molding is generally a solid. Solid product attributes, high and low temperature resistant shock drop properties corresponding to the hollow part is much better.

Since the material is not the same, the performance is not the same, why a lot of medical equipment companies or the use of food freezers instead of medical refrigeration box? The price of the cost of a food storage box, the same capacity lower than the price for medical refrigerator, secondly, most of the food refrigeration refrigerant ice box with a suitable, also can do precise temperature control of 2-8 DEG C, space third, food incubator is more suitable for mass transportation, space utilization value is relatively high, fourth most of medical devices, biological reagent transportation belongs to short distance transport. If there is a relatively large range of transport, biopharmaceutical companies will consider the professional medical refrigerator.

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