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The Domestic Cold-chain Market Has A Good Development Trend. Compared With Foreign Markets, What Gaps Still Exist?

- May 31, 2018 -

With the gradual development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, frozen foods are circulating around the world. Thousands of years ago, the transportation scene of “a laughing and giggling ride, no one knows to be litchi” has long been replaced by the three-dimensional cold chain transportation of land, sea and air today.


In China, with the continuous improvement of the economic level, the quality of life of people has also been continuously improved, and the concept of consumption of food has also evolved from the traditional single type to the modern variety. Especially in recent years, the food industry has been booming, providing a huge space for the food cold-chain logistics industry. The cold chain industry represented by quick-frozen foods, dairy products, meat products, and fresh products embarked on the track of improvement.

Cold chain logistics meets the modern demand for food preservation and reduces the waste of goods in the transportation process. Therefore, cold chain logistics quickly enters the food manufacturing industry. As a result, the cold chain industry, which uses cold storage as a link and transport as a link, has gradually emerged. According to Roland Berger's forecast, China's cold-chain logistics industry will reach 580 billion yuan this year. By 2025, the demand for cold chain foods will increase to 450 million tons.

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