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Vaccine Carrier Cold Chain Box

- Aug 31, 2017 -

Using instruction of vaccine carrier cold chain box


1. Ready relevant quantities of ice box according to parameter requirement of products.


2. Level ice box in ambient -15℃~ -20℃ and freeze 48 hours continuously until the gel in ice box to solid completely.


3. Take out the freezed ice box and put about 10 minutes in ambient of assemble goods, then put into relevant position of cold chain box after frost on ice box melted. If it come with slow release bag, put ice box which frost melted into slow release bag first, then into clod chain box.


4. Put goods into cold chain box promptly in ambient of assemble goods.


5. Close the door of box and fasten button.


. Announcements


1. No open the door of box before using to prevent loss of refrigeration and air admission.


2. No keeping using when ice box appear to breakage and replace new promptly.


3. No using when gel in ice box no freez to solid completely, or it will have effect on cold chain.



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