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Vaccine Cold Chain

- May 05, 2017 -

Because the vaccine is sensitive to temperature, each link from the vaccine manufacturing sector to the site of vaccine use may be lost due to high temperature. In order to ensure the application of the vaccine immunization program from the production, storage, transportation and distribution to the whole process of the use of refrigeration equipment properly, under the cold state so that the vaccine is always placed in the regulations, ensure the reasonable potency of vaccine is not compromised, China and the United Nations Children's fund established cold chain cooperation projects. At present, the country's 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of all counties (districts) have basically completed the cold chain equipment. Cold chain equipment including the storage of vaccines, ice cold storage, frozen storage, transport, ordinary special refrigerated vehicles, transport vehicles, vaccine refrigerators, freezers, cold storage, computer accessories and backpack.

Vaccine cold chain management system

First, the implementation of a window for the vaccine management, supply channels strictly enforced: provincial - City - County - town - vaccination clinics (vaccination points). Improve the vaccine Lingfa custody system, the establishment of vaccine Lingfa account, the account and vaccine match, registration must have the name, quantity, the vaccine manufacturer name, batch number, expiry date, quantity, quantity, receive, note balances etc..

Two, according to the current immunization program, the number of the total population of the area of the birth rate of each age group population and vaccine loss coefficient for vaccine program, every year in March before the prevention and control of seedling number at a higher level disease immunization next year.

Three. The transportation, storage and use of vaccines should be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant temperature requirements. In accordance with the vaccine varieties, batch classification neatly stacked, vaccine carton (box) have cold air circulation channel should be between the refrigerator and the wall. Distribution and use of vaccines in accordance with the first short term, after the long term and the same batch of vaccine according to the first storage, the first out of the principle of storage should be neat, marked packaging, the vaccine between the cold air circulation channel.

Four, improve the cold chain equipment management system, the establishment of cold chain equipment, recording various equipment name, model number, arrival time, equipment operation and maintenance; establish the record book, record of failure and maintenance. Vaccine should be done in a timely manner loss reporting procedures.

Five, cold chain equipment to do special management, regular maintenance, maintenance, temperature record. Cold chain equipment must have special maintenance, regular cleaning cleaning, 2 times a day (morning and afternoon before work) were recorded in operation of the refrigerator freezer temperature; cold pack after each use timely wipe dry ice, with timely back to the freezer frozen after.

Six, cold chain refrigerator and freezer should be placed in dry, ventilated, avoid direct sunlight, away from the heat of the place, the rear to leave space, the bottom to pad shelf, power lines and outlets should be dedicated line.

Seven, all the planned cold chain equipment is only dedicated to the storage of vaccines, no unit and individual shall not be misappropriated, stored in the refrigerator and freezer storage of other items are prohibited, expired vaccine.

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