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What Are The Functions Of A Drug Refrigerator / Freezer?

- May 05, 2017 -

The drug cooler is also called a medical refrigerator, and some friends are also called medical freezers. The main role is as a pharmaceutical reefer container for transport and storage of drugs, there should distinguish between the need to use medical refrigerator for storage containers chemicals are some special temperature storage environment of biological products, such as vaccines, serum, biological agents, active bacteria etc.

Two, style classification

What are the refrigerated containers? According to the way we used to be divided into four kinds: car refrigerator, portable medical freezer, pull rod type medical freezer, strap type medical refrigerator. Distinguish between four kinds of medical refrigerator through the following four pictures.

Four refrigerator picture.Jpg

Three, the common use of medical refrigeration classification

Bacterin deepfreeze kit

blood bank refrigerator

Cold storage box

General purpose refrigerator

Reagent refrigerator

Four, the structure of the medical refrigerator

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, an upper cover, a box body, a hinge, a buckle and a handle

Refrigerator structure.Jpg

Five, the medical refrigerator function

The temperature of special drugs, vaccines, blood, biological agents and other drugs, preservation temperature has certain requirements, general requirements for vaccine preservation of 2-8 C, general requirements for blood preservation 4 degrees, cold medicines generally require 2-8 C, constant temperature experiment reagent General requirements 2-8 C, not the same as the demand for biological products is not the same as the temperature of refrigerated storage, medicine the sealing box has good sealing performance, cold insulation performance is good, strong body. Compared with the refrigerator, the cold chain car has high cost performance, so it is widely used in the transportation and storage of cold chain drugs.

Six, refrigeration method of medical refrigerator

There are two kinds of refrigeration methods, active cooling and passive cooling. Active refrigeration, such as refrigerated vehicles on the box, the vehicle is mainly controlled by the DC refrigeration compressor refrigeration, but this kind of cold box at any time the need for power functions, so a lot of restrictions on the use of refrigerated vehicles. Passive cooling mainly rely on external refrigerant cooling source, that is, in the medical refrigeration box installed on the right amount of biological ice bags and ice box cooling, because it is convenient to carry more cost-effective.

Pharmaceutical reefer container transport and storage containers as special temperature and biological products, to observe the detection of temperature and humidity data of pharmaceutical freezer, so a set of complete medical refrigerator also need a monitoring system of temperature and humidity, temperature and humidity monitoring system has the function of automatic reading, access, upload, warning, print etc..

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