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What Is PCM

- Jul 10, 2017 -

What is PCM ?

PCM is short form of Phase Change Material .It was a simple phisical common knowledge that all subjects in the nature could change it`s apperance phase under certain condition. Take a example--we all know that water will turn to ice when the ambient temperature is under 0°degree. Which is a typical phase change from liquid to solidity . 

This feture have been widely unsed in our life and science area. One of the typical application for phase change material is use as temperature contol material in cold chain logistic.


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Internation Haotian Technology Co. have been doing this area`s reseach for decade.and now work out a very sophisticated system of PCM ice brick cold source product line . which is using difference PCM which change it`s phase at -25°C  -5°C   0°C  8°C  15°C etc.To controll the Temp. in cold chain containers such as Cold chain medical box ,Medical vaccine cooler bag So it could keep different object cargos under certain safty shipping and storage temperature.

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