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What Is The Difference Between A Medical Refrigerator And A Domestic Refrigerator?

- May 05, 2017 -

Commonly used in medicine cold box is divided into: drug refrigerated box (2-8 degrees C), blood cold box (4 degrees C), low temperature refrigerator, ultra low temperature refrigerator. There are also great differences in the selection of materials, the methods of manufacture, and the description of the medical refrigerator and the household refrigerator.

Refrigerated containers for pharmaceutical products, which are mainly used in medicine, biological agents, vaccines, cold storage, preservation, transportation and storage of biological products. Suitable for pharmacy, pharmaceutical factory, hospital, disease prevention and control center, health center.

The temperature of the refrigerator is generally in the range of 2-8 DEG C, and the product structure is a vertical box, a horizontal box and a portable refrigerated box. The products are mostly foamed door and glass door, the foaming door has the characteristics of good heat preservation and light weight. Imported computer temperature controller, digital display, high precision, high and low temperature alarm, temperature sensor fault alarm and safety lock function to prevent accidents. The use of a new type of fully closed high-grade compressor, running balance, low noise, long service life. Finned evaporator to improve cooling rate. Humanized design, reliable and convenient temperature control. Microcomputer control, digital temperature display, adjust the increment of 0.1. Air cooling system, the temperature fluctuation range of the box is 2 DEG C, the temperature can be kept constant at 2~8 DEG C by adjusting the setting temperature. Built in circulating fan, ultra quiet design. Insulation design of double layer insulating glass.

Blood storage box: blood storage box is the medical profession refrigerated blood (whole blood) of professional refrigeration equipment, also can be used for refrigerated drugs, biological products. The medicine storage box is a professional equipment for refrigerated medicine in the medical industry. Suitable for pharmacy, pharmaceutical factory, hospital, disease prevention and control center, health center.

The function characteristic of the blood cold box: the temperature control: the precise microcomputer control system, in the box temperature constant control in 4 + 1. Digital temperature display, the average temperature display accuracy of 0.1 degrees, with a resolution of 0.1 degrees, easy to observe the temperature monitoring box. Intelligent control fan forced air circulation system to ensure the temperature uniformity inside the box; ultra quiet design, to solve the noise caused by trouble.

The inside of the box 3 precision temperature sensor in an ambient temperature of 16 DEG -32 DEG conditions, can still maintain the internal temperature of 4 C + 1 precision and stability; intelligent freezing control system, ensure that the internal temperature uniformity; automatic temperature control: large screen liquid crystal display, adjustable temperature setting value at 2 DEG C within the range of -8 DEG C (plant model), the control precision of the temperature of 1 DEG C, the temperature display accuracy of 0.1 DEG C; the acousto-optic alarm system: high and low temperature alarm, sensor fault, door alarm, power-off alarm and other sound light alarm, store more security.

Commonly used in medical refrigerated containers, refrigerated containers, refrigerated containers, laboratory general refrigerated containers and ice lined vaccine storage boxes, etc.. Compared to household refrigerators and commercial refrigerators, medical refrigerator temperature control accuracy is high, the temperature fluctuation is small, high uniformity, the use of electronic controller, small temperature fluctuation after the door temperature recovered rapidly, with perfect alarm system (over temperature alarm, door alarm, power-off alarm, alarm, remote temperature probe alarm, etc.), and some requirements of temperature recorder or printer to record the temperature operation to be investigated, and so on.

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