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Dry Ice Temperature Recorder -85°C Extreme Low Temperature Data Logger

Place of Origin:Fujian
Brand Name:PolarBag
Model Number:HTC-DIT
Usage:Dry Ice Transportation
Theory:Temperature Recorder
Accuracy:0.5 deg.C, -20°C~ +40°C, +/-0.5°C;other±1°C
Temperature range:-85°C--- +40°C

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Product Details

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:HTIceGel

  • Model Number:HT-DIT

  • Usage: Dry Ice Cold Chain Transport

  • Theory:Temperature Recorder

  • Accuracy:+/-1°F/ + 0.5°C, +/-1°F/ + 0.5°C

  • Temperature range:-121°F ~104°F, -85°C ~40°C

  • Color: white/yellow

  • Size:9cm * 3.4 cm * 1.3 cm

  • Weight:40g

  • Temperature Range:-121°F ~104°F, -85°C ~40°C

  • Sensor Type:internal two-wire NTC temperature sensor

  • Battery:3.6V, 0.4Ah battery

  • Sample:available

  • Packaging Details:

    Or According to customer's indication.

  • Delivery Detail:

    within 30 days after order confirmed and payment arrival

Temperature Data Logger for Dry Ice Temperature Record 


Purpose and Usage:

Dry ice is a solid carbon dioxide, the temperature is minus 78.5 ℃. Dry ice cold storage is more than 1.5 times of water ice, so the dry ice data recorder normally used for medical purposes as well as frozen plasma, vaccines, drugs and other special transportation, such as high-grade fresh food transportation, beef, mutton, seafood, chocolate and so on. APRESYS disposable dry ice temperature recorder is easy to operate, can work in ultra-low temperature (up to minus 85 degrees) environments with battery stability, etc., The APRESYS Dry Ice Data Recorder is ideal for transportation monitoring of transportation and warehouse within a dry ice environment.


Selection Guide:

DI-05: Sampling interval 1 minute, record up to 5 days

DI-25: Sampling interval 5 minutes, record up to 25 days

DI-50: Sampling interval 10 minutes, record up to 50 days

DI-99: Sampling interval 20 minutes, record up to 99 days



Ultra Low Operating Temperature: -85°C (-121°F)

Can be Placed in Direct Contact with Dry Ice

No External Probes or Wiring

Connect with PC to read and print directly

High Accuracy Software support in English version and Chinese version

°F/°C switch freely

Dual data encryption technology to ensure data is real

Apresys manufactures products under an ISO 9001 registered quality management system



Temperature Range: -121°F ~104°F, -85°C ~40°C

All accuracy: +/-1°F/ + 0.5°C

Resolution : 0.01°F/ 0.01°C

Data Capacity: 7200 group

Download speed: less than 5 seconds

Storage life: more than 5 years

Start: Press the start button three seconds

Battery: 3.6V, 0.4Ah cryogenic industrial batteries.

Shockproof performance: Withstands 3-foot (1 meter) drop to hard surface 

Operating instructions: the red indicator flashes after starting

As one of the leading cooler products manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy and wholesale our Dry Ice Temperature Recorder -85°C Extreme Low Temperature Data Logger. We will offer you the best after-sale service and competitive price. For more information, welcome to contact our factory.


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